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Social Media

You can't afford to ignore it

Your presence on social media can be vital in effectively positioning your business as the leader in your sector of the marketplace. It's a huge opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, and with creative and valuable content you can leave a lasting impression.

Social media is not a passing trend. Millions of people are accessing social media on a daily basis. Most businesses fail to recognize what is effective content. 

By having a successful & consistent social media presence you will organically help your company grow with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Cohesive brands that are consistently active across all social and digital fronts increase their brand awareness. Search engine algorithms  take into account new and engaging content. 

Search engines like Google take into account your presence across social media platforms believe it or not. Sharing content from your website to your social media accounts & cross-promoting content not only reaches more people but increases your presence in search engine results.

If none of this makes sense, you're not alone. That's what we are here for: to help your brand grow by establishing a name in the online community.

How People Spend Their Time Online

And Why It Matters To Your Business

A pie graph showing how people spend their time online

Knowing how people spend their time online can help you learn about your customers and how to leverage data to get their business. In just a year, our online habits have changed.Online engagement keeps an open stream of communication between you and your customers or potential customers.

1. Engaged Customer Spend More

Facebook comments and Google reviews aren't just the modern day Yellow Pages. If you aren't interacting with your customer reviews and engaging with feedback, you're leaving a big opportunity on the table for repeat business. Responding to reviews and comments demonstrates you value your customers.

Sharing photos and content consistently keeps people coming back for more.

2. Engagement Improves Experiences

Not all comments and reviews will be positive. As we know, there are many "keyboard warriors" who say much more than they will ever say in person. The old adage is true: a person will tell one person about a positive experience, but a person will tell 10 people about a negative experience.

Engaging with dissatisfied customers gives you room for improvement. There can be valuable information in a negative experience. Although negative negative feedback can be hard to read, it gives you an opportunity for information gathering.

More than half of people expect a response from a business when they leave review. Whether positive or negative, the expectation from your customers still exist.

3. Engaging With Customers Creates Brand Ambassadors

The ultimate customer exists: it's the customer who loves your product or brand so much that they are willing to share with others why they love your business so much.

Brand ambassadors share your content, recommend your services and are experts about your product. Advocates for your brand can turn leads into sales. In fact, leads generated from your brand ambassadors are 7 times more likely to turn into sales.

Online relationship building nurtures the chance to create brand ambassadors. Not to be confused with social media influencers, brand ambassadors are customers who organically promote your product or service.


Those 5-star reviews on Google? The influence the decision people make with your brand. 85% of people trust online reviews. Don't leave money on the table - respond to your online customers!

Your Presence On Social Media Is Vital
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Realizing the need to increase your engagement on social media is the first step to turning that engagement into leads. Your true talent and skill is managing your service and product. Our true talent and skill is making sure your social media presence is alive and active.

If you're ready to turn the keys over to the professionals, click to learn more.

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Consistent and strategic posts will educate your customers and give value to your brand. Posts with little engagement can harm your online reach.

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