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How To Grab Attention With Targeted Advertising

You're probably familiar with some of the traditional types of advertising: television, radio, billboards, print, etc. In the last decade, social media advertising & digital ad placements have taken advertising by the horns. But what's the future for advertising?



Television, radio and print advertising aren't as antiquated as you might think. Many companies have turned to digital and social media marketing, but traditional advertising still has a strong imprint in the effectiveness of an ad campaign. It's important to brand yourself in a cohesive way across multiple platforms.

Old school television set

Connected TV (CTV) are devices connected to the internet for streaming. 84% of U.S. households have a connected TV. This can include smart TVs, gaming consoles, or other streaming devices. CTV advertising has increased 27% since 2022. So while broadcast advertising has become more stagnate, CTV is growing at an alarming rate.

A recent report from Nielsen ranked YouTube as the most watched CTV app in the U.S. based on total viewing minutes. In May of 2023, YouTube announced a new format: a 30 second non-skippable ad for CTV. New studies show that viewers give 3x as much attention to CTV ads.

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People Secretly Love Commercials

Yep, we said it. People secretly love commercials.

Super Bowl ads are the most glorious of them all, which is why they not only carry a hefty price tag for those :30 or :60 second spots, but more people tune in for the commercials than they do for the game itself!

For Oklahomans, Christmas time is signified by the hearing of the B.C. Clark's jingle on locals radio and television stations. This small Oklahoma business has been mentioned by celebrities on national television shows because they continued to do what worked for their brand.

Think of a brand of clothing that you enjoy wearing. Or shoes. Or vehicles. Even the rose-colored phone case your best friend's sister just purchased. Every big brand has used all forms of advertising. The question is: which advertising does YOUR business need to pursue?

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It's generally a good idea to start advertising a new business as quickly as possible for brand recognition. For well-established businesses, advertising helps people remember your product or service when they are in need.

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